Get Creative with Your Favorite Embellishments

Posted on July 5, 2011

If there’s one thing scrapbookers swoon over, it’s embellishments. Ribbons, stickers, tags, name it, we scrap with it. And it’s all waiting for you in Studio J®.

Remember, in Studio J you can use as many embellishments as you like without spending a dime. You've always got the perfect color, and you never run out. It's the embellisher's dream come true! It’s easy to get creative with all the embellishments in Studio J. For example, you can stack up My Stickease® images and tuck them into a “pocket” as we did on this video. Placing the ribbon and buttons along the top of the “pocket” is an easy way to add visual dimension to the page.

Crop My Stickease to make them appear to fit behind the photo, creating a “pocket” full of surprises!

Pattern: Glimpses
Kit: Lucky

And speaking of layering, that’s just what we did to create these pleated ribbon flowers. It’s just a matter of copying and pasting the ribbon tab and rotating each one just a bit more until you have a full circle. Repeat to make a second circle, then add a brad for a center. Love it!

Use ribbon tabs as flower petals for an unusual accent.

Pattern: Timeline
Kit: Sweetheart

Thinking outside the box doesn’t have to stop with ribbon. Check out the fancy scallop border we made using these metal clasps. Repeating this element across both pages provides the eye a clear path to follow and ties the layout together.

Create a border by repeating favorite embellishments along an edge.

Pattern: Snapshot
Kit: Mayberry

And one last layout for your embellishment inspiration. Can you guess how we created the circle border?

Get creative by cropping embellishments to use just one portion, then repeat for real impact.

Pattern: Priceless Pics
Kit: Wings

If you guessed photo clips, you’re right! We just cropped one to appear behind the paper, then copied and pasted it along the edges of the piece. It looks great, doesn’t it?

Have you tried experimenting with the My Stickease and embellishments in Studio J? What unusual ways have you used photo hangers, knotted ribbon, buttons, or staples? Start playing with your favorite embellishments in Studio J now!

New Members-Only Patterns in Studio J®

Posted on July 1, 2011

Studio J® members now have access to two new patterns: In Focus™, which spotlights three photos, and Viewfinder™, which features ten. Become a Studio J member to take advantage of exclusive patterns and kits as well as deep discounts, free shipping, and access to JPG files of your studio layouts. Find out more about incredible membership savings and perks.

Discover Studio J®’s Newest Kit

Posted on June 30, 2011

Have you discovered Studio J®’s newest kit? We’ve added a new kit to Studio J, and we want everyone to use it! The new kit, Discovery, was featured in a classic Close To My Heart paper version a few years ago, and it was so popular that we’ve decided to bring it back for all Studio J users to enjoy! Celebrate butterflies, flowers, and life’s little discoveries in Studio J.

Digital Scrapbooking How-To in Just 5 Easy Steps

Posted on June 17, 2011

Digital scrapbooking can be quick and easy—if you choose the right software. Studio J® online design software from Close To My Heart is very simple, intuitive, easy to learn, and super fun to play with! With Studio J, there are only five steps to scrapbooking success. Watch the video for a step-by-step tour, or read below for a quick intro to each step.

Step 1: Photos

The first step is Photos. Simply upload your pictures into Studio J. While it is the first step within Studio J, you can upload your photos at any time during the design process.

Step 2: Kits

In the next step, choose a themed kit of Background and Texture paper, cardstock, and My Stickease® to use for your layout.

Step 3: Patterns

In the third step, Patterns, select a design template for your layout. Studio J has patterns that include from two to 16 photos. Each pattern has a diagram of the layout, including measurements and placement, spaces for photos, and suggested areas for titles and journaling.

Step 4: Personalize

The Personalize step includes everything you need to make your Studio J layout uniquely yours. Here you create your title and journaling and customize the look of your page. In the “Embellish” section you can choose from buttons, metal accents, ribbons, and more. Studio J also includes default toggle accents, which are embellishments that we put in the design for you, but which you can toggle on or off as you wish. The “My Stickease®” section includes titles, quotes, tags, and letters that coordinate with the themed kit you chose. The “Paper” section includes Background and Texture paper and cardstock that you can use to swap the papers in your design. The last section, “Distress,” lets you distress with the ink color and tool of your choice.

Step 5: Buy

Buying on Studio J is simple! First, you do a final proof where you approve your layouts for purchase. After that, you simply create a profile with your address and credit card information, and you’re set! Your custom printed layouts will be delivered right to your door!

Your Close To My Heart Consultant is an expert when it comes to Studio J and can walk you through any questions you may have. Don’t have a Consultant yet? When you set up a Studio J profile we’ll direct you to the Consultant Locator.

Now you’re ready to use Studio J like a professional! Have fun!

15 Ideas for a (Free!) Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift

Posted on June 10, 2011
The ultimate last-minute Father's Day gift is sharing your memories on Studio J

Father’s Day is held on the third Sunday of each June—in 2011, that’s June 19. Do you have a gift idea in mind? Or are you online on June 18 searching for the perfect Father’s Day present, one that is meaningful, enjoyable, and—ahem—cheap? Never fear, we have the perfect idea for a Father’s Day present: a Studio J® layout featuring memories and messages from the heart.

If you order in advance, you’ll have a beautiful 12" × 12" layout to present to him on his big day. But even if you wait until the very last moment, you’re in luck. With June’s Studio J Free-for-All, you can order a JPG file of your layout, and it won’t cost you a dime. What’s more, since the JPG files are delivered electronically, you’ll receive an email soon after you order your layout letting you know that your JPG files are ready to be downloaded. Since no purchase is required to be eligible for your free JPG file, there is no cost to you. But of course, dear old Dad would probably love to have a custom-printed layout to frame and hang on the wall, right?

To get you started, we’ve gathered up twelve different ideas for the perfect Father’s Day scrapbook layout. These journaling prompts can easily be adapted to a grandfather, husband, son, or other father in your life. Add a few photos—they don’t have to directly pertain to your journaling, as long as they capture some element of your relationship with your fatherly loved one—and you’re ready to go!

  1. Da-da: Earliest Memories of My Father
  2. Tall Tales: Stories My Dad Tells
  3. Dear Dad: A Letter from Your Kids
  4. Papa’s Particulars: Ten Random Things About My Father
  5. Peas in a Pod: Ways I’m Like My Dad
  6. Daddy Dearest: Nicknames We Use for Each Other
  7. If I’ve Said It Once...: Dad’s Favorite Sayings & Advice
  8. Parenting Lessons from My Father
  9. Father Superior: Why My Dad’s the Best of the Bunch
  10. Aw, Dad! Ways My Dad Embarrassed Me
  11. No Bears Are Out Tonight: Games I Played with My Dad
  12. Love List: Five Things I Love About My Pops
  13. All About My Daddy: Through the Five Senses
  14. Imparting Wisdom: What Papa Taught Me About Life
  15. Favorite Things: What I Think My Dad Likes Best

Are you ready to start writing? Enter Studio J to create your layout!

What Is Studio J®?

Posted on May 25, 2011

Everyone’s talking about Studio J®! Are you wondering what the buzz is all about? Ponder no longer, we’re here to fill you in!

Studio J is online design software brought to you by your favorite classic scrapbooking company, Close To My Heart. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from us: balanced layouts, beautiful paper, and tons of embellishments to choose from—all in an online format! And of course we make it fast, simple, and easy for you to turn your digital photos into finished scrapbook layouts, so you can get your scrapbooking done as your life happens. We don’t stop at pixels, either. When you buy a Studio J layout, it’s custom-printed on 12" × 12" archival paper and delivered right to your door, ready to slip into your albums.

Whether you create just a few layouts or an entire book of photos and memories, you’ll be glad your stories are preserved in an album for your loved ones to look at any time. And telling your stories has never been easier! There are just five steps in Studio J:

  1. Upload Photos
  2. Choose a Kit
  3. Select a Pattern
  4. Personalize Your Layout
  5. Buy
Create two 2-page layouts in 30 minutes using Studio J

It really is that simple! Get started now to see how easy it is to create a full two-page layout in just minutes. It’s free to create an account. Come on into Studio J and start scrapping!