Life is full of highs and lows, good times and hard times. It's obvious why we want to scrapbook the good times—the smiles, laughter, and happiness. But should we scrapbook the tough times, too? Sometimes our greatest personal growth comes because of trials we experience. Those events can change us for the better—make us stronger, more compassionate, bring us closer to our loved ones, and rearrange our life priorities. If your posterity can learn life lessons from how you or your family member handled challenges, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to pass on? Scrapbooking influential events from your life can also help your children and grandchildren understand you and what makes you tick.

Preserving the tough times along with the fun ones is an important way to provide a fuller picture of your real life.

Pattern: Portrait Collection
Kit: Dreamin'

Allisa Chilton felt it was important to include a layout in her son's scrapbook album about an accident he had at a young age. As she says, "This was a hard layout for me to create. I am not sure that it would have been completed without Studio J®. My son was injured in an accident, and I only took a few photos during that time. It was a huge moment in his life, so I felt it needed to be in his scrapbook."

Are there challenges you or your loved ones have faced that have made a difference in your perspective or your life? It's important to share what you learned—the wisdom or insights you gained from those experiences. It's important not only for your posterity, but it's also critical for you to remember. And with Studio J online design software, you can quickly document those tough times with a few clicks of a mouse. In just a short amount of time, you'll have those insights and events preserved on beautiful scrapbook layouts for all to benefit from.