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June 2013
Tommy Kit: Banners, Brads, & Cropped Borders

May 2013
Surf’s Up Kit: B&W Photos, Borders, and My Stickease®

April 2013
For Always Kit: Stitching, Accenting, and Borders

March 2013
Buzz and Bumble Kit: Rotation, My Stickease®, and Titles

February 2013
Later Sk8r Kit: Accents, My Stickease®, and Dates

January 2013
Pear & Partridge Kit: Stitching with Style

November 2012
Clementine Kit: Designing with My Stickease®

October 2012
Moonlight Kit: Easy Photo Editing

September 2012
Dakota Kit: Using Photos for a Background

August 2012
Avonlea Kit: Creating Custom Ribbon

June 2012
Cruisin’ Kit: Getting the Polaroid Look

May 2012
Lucy Kit: Embellishing Across Two Pages

April 2012
Pemberley Kit:
Enhancing Photos

March 2012
Florentine Kit: Using the Stitching Tool

February 2012
Stella Kit: Creating Your Own Patterned Paper

January 2012
Sonoma Kit: Using My Stickease® for Journaling

December 2011
Wonderland Kit: Creating Your Own Border

November 2011
Dreamin’ Kit: Layering My Stickease®

October 2011
Wings Kit: Cropping My Stickease®

September 2011
Splendor Kit: Journaling Over Photos

August 2011b
Veranda Kit: Colorizing Toggle Accents

August 2011a
Fanfare Kit: Creating a Unique Title

June 2011
Miracle Kit: How to Make a Ribbon Flower

May 2011
Lucky Kit: Clustering My Stickease®


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